A bit of an introduction

I’ve been blogging off-and-on at mattbecky.com since around 2005. Recently, though, I made a rookie mistake and deleted all the content from my site accidentally.  Rather than spending hundreds of dollars to restore the content, most of which wasn’t of much interest to anybody but me, I’ve decided to start from scratch. The new content will be focused around Realistic, Practical, and Effective suggestions for home-learning for Preschoolers — plus a few posts of a personal nature, I’m sure.

I’m a mom in suburban Austin, Texas. My husband & I have twin daughters who are currently 4 years old. I’ve stayed at home with them since they were born. I know my mom-friends who work outside the home have tremendous challenges that I don’t appreciate fully. But, if I’m honest, there are times that I’ve been jealous of my working-mom friends — they can justify sending their kids off to fantastic preschools where the kids have all sorts of learning and fun opportunities (and Mom doesn’t have to clean up!). Meanwhile, my kids are at home, watching yet another episode of Thomas & Friends while I try to sweep the kitchen.

A few years ago, as my husband and I thought of how we wanted our kids to be prepared for life-long-learning (and, secondarily, to be ready for kindergarten), we opted to keep our kids at home instead of enrolling them in a traditional preschool. I chose this in large part because I really like a lot of the Montessori approach to preschool, and Montessori preschools are crazy expensive (that’s a post for another day — but it’s unrealistic that most SAHM’s are going to send their kids to all-day every-day preschool). I read everything I could get my hands on (as is my nature) and decided I could do Montessori at Home.

What we do now is mostly a Montessori-inspired approach — but it’s adapted and modified to work in a home environment, on a budget, without me having to do too insanely much prep work. I also modify it regularly to accommodate my daughters different needs and interests. The girls go to a drop-in style “preschool” program one or two days a week (to give me time to catch up on house work, run errands, etc) and we go to a Christian-based group (Bible Study Fellowship) once a week where they (and I) make friends and learn. The rest of the time, we’re together at home. Sure, we might be watching a little bit of TV or playing with our Legos, but we’re also doing math, learning to read & write, and generally function in society through various activities.

Future blog entries will try to explain those activities. I hope you come along for the journey.

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