10 Jun

Things to Try:

  • Pie-in-a-jar. Maybe this is a way to make pie and not pig out on it all ourselves (or have it turn nasty before it can be consumed).
  • Revised iPhone. Of course, I’ve heard nothing about the monthly fee for data-transfer being reduced, so I can’t see myself getting this anytime soon, but I do like how things are improving.
  • Sunrise or just visiting Haleakala in Maui. We heard from some friends who had been there for sunrise recently – sounds like something I may want to do (after all) if we do wind up in Maui for our fall vacation. I had written it off thinking that a) it would require us to pack too many odd clothes and b) we’d have to get up too early. But, I think there are ways around both problems.

Looking forward to on the road to Cornerstone:

  • Cardinals vs. Mets on June 30th. We’re looking at tickets to catch a game on our way to Cornerstone.
  • Family Force 5’s new ep. Need to buy that and get it onto the iPod before the trip.
  • James Brownie Funky Jackhammer. To the good folks at Andy’s Frozen Custard in Springfield, Missouri (next to the Fazzoli’s and the questionable-looking motel): get ready! We’ll be visiting you soon and I know you’ll need to make at least one of these.
  • Just not being at work! Matt’s been working a ton lately. He got to experience what his office looks like at 3:30am one day last week (not the first time he’s done that, but the first time in a while). We’re both really looking forward to a vacation. I haven’t been working as many hours, but I’m still pretty tired and wanting vacation, too.


  • Mountain Dew Supernova. It’s strawberry flavored energy-enhanced dew. I never thought I’d try an energy drink (and I kinda doubt that real energy drink enthusiasts would count a bit of ginseng as a real energy drink), but I like the flavor. I wish they sold Caffeine Free Dew here in Texas, but I haven’t seen it in years (I wonder if it’s available at all anymore). I also enjoy that both Rudy’s (at least the Austin franchisee) and Mighty Fine Burgers has Mello Yello on tap. I never used to be able to get that in Austin.
  • When We Left Earth. As mentioned previously, we enjoyed the first 2-hour installment and looking forward to next weekend’s episode. We’re 3-hours behind on Battlestar Galactica and still have the entire set of The War to watch — so why not add another 12-hour set to the tivo?
  • Getting a CD of wedding photos from Steve & Sara. A couple of those may be printed to replace a few outdated photos from around the house.

Not Liking:

  • American Airline’s new baggage policy. In the last 15 months, I think American has “delayed” my baggage more times than they’ve gotten it to arrive on time. They’ve also messed up a day of my Hawaiian vacation by late crew and generally not been the most friendly people to deal with (compared to Continental, for instance, which has given us quite good service lately). It’s hard for me to justify an extra baggage fee when I don’t have anymore confidence they’ll actually get the bag to me than past record shows. And yes, I know they need to find ways to make money like anybody else, but there are other ways to do that! I think the unintended consequences of this new plan will be major. (I can see it now – waiting in line at security or in the aisle on board the plane as somebody tries to cram in their multiple large suitcases to avoid the fee.)
  • Noise. Way back in elementary school when we had to write essays about what study environments we felt we did best in, I’d write that I didn’t feel like I could study when there was a lot of noise. Turns out, I’m no different as an adult. I’m loving the noise-canceling headphones Matt gave me for Christmas, but even they don’t cut out an entire office’s worth of chatter. The new laptop for work is nice, too – I can get away when it gets too loud now.
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