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26 Feb

Links about having an impact bigger than just me:

  • Child sponsorship in six words. I saw this come across my twitter feed today: can you summarize what it means to sponsor a child in just six words? I tried, but haven’t come up with much. I wrote to our Compassion-sponsored child (in Nicaragua) and our World-Vision-sponored child (in Swaziland) yesterday.
  • 40 days of water campaign. I’m not sure I’d really sign on for this, but it’s an interesting idea. Maybe I could do 40 days of water & unsweetened iced tea (i.e. no mountain dew…) instead. 🙂
  • Love is the movement – (visit twloha if you’re not familiar). I’m thinking about making this the theme for my pi-rho rocket this year. Maybe that’s a little too serious, though.
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