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06 Feb

Cupcake-themed art at Etsy. I love this one – zombies chasing after a cupcake. (initially found via

“Fresh Vintage” quilt patterns from Fig Tree & Co. I haven’t tried them yet, but the graphic design calls me.

Thimble Blossoms patterns. This looks like the perfect baby quilt (if only I had time to do that anymore!)

An easily-assembled 6-foot-tall rocket. That’s not the one I bought for Pi Rho this year, however. For that, I’m doing the Super Bird. (High praise, by the way, for ordering via Apogee Rockets – we ordered Wednesday, and our kits arrived today).

Patchwork Pincushion project instructions. So cute!

Turns out there’s a Freddy’s Frozen Custard in the Austin area (in Cedar Park to be exact). I don’t think their custard is as good as Andy’s (in Springfield, MO) but it’s still quite good – and they have a full menu (not just dessert).

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