Workout plan for March

27 Feb

Providing I do 25 minutes of workout today and stretch 3 times today & tomorrow, I will complete my February workout plan! This will mean two months in a row where I reached my fitness goals!

I spent some time looking at sites like Stumptuous (especially their “Dork to Diva” workout form tips, and “No Fat Chicks” basic workout) and devised my plan for next month, which will be one notch more difficult. It will include weights, cardio, core, and extra exercises to continue to rehab my feet.

Here’s what I’m thinking of for March (just showed this to my awesome husband, who thinks it’s a little much — but I point out that one of my exercises is merely standing up!)

Every workout:

  • Leg stretch (bent & straight leg, on incline, to stretch injured places)
  • Leg warmup (no-weight squats, light-weight leg presses, or medium-weight leg extensions — to get blood flowing, basically. Work up to doing these with weights next month.)
  • Calf stretches (calf machine or self-guided)
  • Balance exercises (one-leg standing, star-drill, yoga leg pose, standing on ball, throwing to Matt while standing on ball, etc.)

Total workouts:

  • 6 weights
  • 4 core
  • 4 cardio
  • 4 more of my choice of the above
  • At least 20 of the easy add-ons listed below

Weights: 6 sessions during March, minimum

  • lat pulldown (machine)
  • bench press (barbells or bar)
  • shoulder press (barbell)
  • bicep curl (barbell)
  • row (machine)
  • leg curl (machine)

Cardio: 4 sessions during March, minimum

  • 15 minutes (if painful) else 20 minutes on bike or elliptical

Core: 4 sessions during March, minimum

  • 20 minutes of abs & core stretches
  • Use Firm DVD or do these: 8 each upper crunch, lower crunch, full-body regular time crunch, full-body half-time crunch, twisting crunch. Plus back-rolling, leg stretch, leg circles, side-leg-lifts, pilates pushups

Easy Add-Ons: Exercises I can add on after Cardio or Weights when I feel like it, or which I can do in the morning/evening on rest days:

  • Light abs (8 each upper/lower/twisting crunches)
  • Standing (5 minutes in pilates form or 10-15 minutes in conversation) Yes, standing is an exercise for me. It’s hard to do. This could even count standing up during church, which I have not done in a long time.
  • Walking (15 minutes walking around neighborhood or 20 minutes walking around office, stores, etc.) Again, yes, walking around the store is exercise for me. Anything that keeps me on my feet is good.
  • Wedge stretches (5 minutes)
  • Ankle bands (both ways, 3 sets of 15)
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