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02 Oct

I woke up at 6am Austin time, which sadly, is 1am Hawaii time. Any idea I had of *not* napping on the flights today has completely vanished. Oh well, this should mean I’ll be up to see sunrise tomorrow morning from Poipu Beach!

I’ve used the time so far this morning, trying to be quiet so Matt can keep sleeping, to prep a few projects to take with on the trip. I always like having a project to do on the plane or while lounging on the beach. So, for this trip, these are my projects:

A scarf for an international student at SDSU.

The International Student Fellowship on campus collects scarves and gives them out to students, who are likely facing their first winter in South Dakota (which means blizzards, cold, ice, etc.) Living in Austin, I have very little use for a scarf (though I do have a few). So, instead, this is my second year to make them and send them to SDSU.

This particular scarf is made with Lion Brand Homespun Yarn, in the “Waterfall” colorway. I’m using a pattern from their website (the “One-Skein Hat & Scarf” patttern – though I’m not making the hat). It’s a beginner-friendly double-crochet pattern. I’m not a great crochet-er, but I’m good enough to make a scarf!

By the way, I found it amazing that the Lion Brand Yarn website has a fairly well-done mobile interface. I was able to open it on my Android phone and navigate it easily while at Hobby Lobby yesterday to confirm how much yarn and what type of needle to get. When a *yarn* company has a good mobile website, well… just wow!

A new Hawaiian applique block which will hopefully be made into a pillow

This is a purchased pattern from Pacific Rim Quilting, from the “Tropical Floral” collection. I purchased the pattern set in October 2008 at the Maui Quilt Shop. The larger piece was cut 21″, so this will be a larger pillow (or maybe a small quilt).

The design is called “Maile.” Maile apparently is a vine used for a special type of lei often used for weddings.

I went for a unique look, I think, by using Amy Butler fabrics.

I will finish this with needle-turn applique techniques… that is, if I remember to go out and buy brownish thread before we leave on the trip! 🙂

We plan to visit Kapaia Stitchery while on Kauai this week. I hear it’s a great place for quilters!

We also hope to go to a special exhibit at the Kauai Museum, which I think will feature textiles and quilts.


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