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02 Jun

I’ve been working through my massive to-do list around the house. It had everything on it from “change light bulb in bedroom ceiling fan” to “landscape the backyard.” After reaching the milestone of having more work done than left to do (grand total will be about 135 hours of work), I’m taking a few days to work on projects that I want to do, instead of have to do.

One of those just might be sewing some throw pillows for the extra bed in our office. I bought several pillow forms for this project almost two years ago, I’m sorry to say. Perhaps they’ll stay as mere pillow forms, but I’m looking for inspiration to sew.

Here’s how I’d describe what I’d like:

  • Varied textures. Luxurious, soft, bumpy, maybe even a bit scratchy in places.
  • More masculine than feminine, certainly. The walls in the office are cocoa brown and it is decorated with vintage travel posters.
  • Though I don’t want things that scream feminine, I certainly wouldn’t mind something that feels like a quilt. The bed is covered in a denim-blue comforter, and has one of my favorite quilts, a scrappy/muted-tone trip around the world, folded up on the foot of the bed.
  • More plain than patterned.
  • Perhaps something personalized.

Here’s some of what is inspiring me…

In the patchwork/quilt department:

In the texture department:

In the perhaps something personalized department:

  • Personalized Pillows (this site shows directions for a knock-off of a pillow seen at Restoration Hardware; I’m not sure it’s a perfect knock-off, but is inspiring)
  • This pillow with words in the center inspires me, too, though I’d certainly go in a different direction with my words.

I might even sew a sham for the bed pillow. If I do, these directions may come in handy:

I won’t be making pillows like these, but I did find them interesting:

Fore more link love, these turorials look good for general techniques:


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