Stitchable Gifts (sewing tutorials)

23 Sep

You’ve got about 3 months until Christmas! If you (like me) are considering some hand-made Christmas gifts this year, here’s a list of free projects / tutorials you might consider, sorted by type. If I’ve made something from the tutorial, it is marked with * Any pictures included here are my finished projects.

Purses, Bags & Totes:

Small / Easy / Few Supplies:

For Groceries:

Large / Many Supplies Needed:

Typical Tote Bags:

Specialty Bags/Totes:

Wallets, Clutches & Wristlets:


Other Purse Accessories:

Kids & Babies:



  • Notebook & Pencil Holder
  • * Crayon Wallet (not a roll-up) – the one I made wasn’t exactly similar, but this did inspire a Buzz Lightyear Marker & Paper wallet I made for a friend’s little boy.
  • Small Crayon Tote
  • * Pencil Roll – BY FAR the best such tutorial I’ve tried (and I’ve tried many). The pencils lay neatly inside! The only thing I didn’t like was the button closure.


(Can you tell I often get invited to showers?!?!)



Journal Covers:

Mug Rugs / Trivets / Potholders:

Pillows & Pillowcases:

Other Household:

Everything Else:

Random Gift Ideas:

Gift bags, baskets, wrap, etc.:

Crafty Accessories:

Phone/Ipod Holders:


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