Twin Sized Diaper Bag

13 Sep

Nappy Bag in Amy Butler's Lotus Fabric, sewn by Becky Laswell

Over the weekend, I inherited the pattern & all the supplies to make the Nappy Bag designed by Amy Butler*. I’d been debating between several diaper bag styles, having pinned a bunch of photos to Pinterest, and though the Nappy Bag wasn’t on my short-list, it seemed like a worthwhile project. Well, about 9 hours and a complete re-design of the interior later, I present my finished twin-sized diaper bag!

It really is sized for twins (I hope). This bag is HUGE. I loaded it with an assortment of the baby items we have acquired so far to take these pictures.

What I love about it:

  • I think it really will hold basically everything I’ll need to go out with twins. (And, yes, we will leave the house at some point!)
  • It’s custom to me. Nobody else will have a bag just like this one.

What I don’t love about it:

  • It’s a bit heavy, even when empty. The bag has an inner layer of canvas, which certainly adds stability, but also adds weight.
  • It’s huge. I could easily get lost inside. 🙂

About the pattern:

  • Unlike the other Amy Butler pattern I attempted to follow a few years ago, I found this pattern to be easy to follow. I did make many adjustments (see below) but the standard pattern made sense.
  • The pattern calls for too much fabric. You can certainly get by with less. Admittedly, I didn’t make the cover for the changing pad (who would ever use such a thing?) but I did waste some fabric cutting the front to be perfectly centered. Even so, I had a ton of fabric leftover.

Photos & descriptions:

Here’s the empty bag lying flat. The only change I made to the exterior was to omit the small cell phone pocket on the exterior (it looked too small to hold my smart phone):

Nappy Bag in Amy Butler's Lotus Fabric, sewn by Becky Laswell

After working in the nursery at church on a few holidays over the years, I have realized the importance of labeling your diaper bag (though, honestly, I bet for things like nursery drop-offs, I’d use a different bag with a zipper). And, I admit I have a bit of a fascination with printable fabric! So, I added two custom labels to the interior of the bag. One has my name, phone number, and a Scripture reference (“give thanks in all circumstances”). The label shown here is on the inside of the strap:

Custom label on diaper bag, by Becky Laswell.

I tweaked the interior significantly. I read several reviews (including this one) that indicated the pockets as-designed weren’t that practical. So, I made several revisions, including:

  • On side A:

    • Shortened the overall height of the pocket by about an inch, to make room for the magnetic clasp & zipper.
    • Added a magnetic clasp, for the rare moments when the bag is not so stuffed that it can be shut.
    • Added a zippered pocket (via this tutorial) for secure interior storage.
    • Added a strap & toggle to keep keys from dropping to the bottom of the bag.
    • Added a flap with a velcro closure to one pocket (thanks to a tutorial from Lazy Girl designs — who made the pattern for my next bag!)
    • Left the other pocket significantly larger than the pattern called for.
    • Completely re-did both bottle pockets. Both now have elastic at the top to hold different sizes of bottles. One bottle remains placed on the seam (as the pattern called for) while the other was placed near one edge.
  • On side B:

    • Shortened the overall height of the pocket by about two inches, to make room for the larger patch pocket & magnetic clasp.
    • Added two patch pockets, one sized for my current phone and one slightly larger in case my new phone is bigger.
    • Re-sized the standard pockets — one wide center pocket and two narrower pockets on the side.
    • Added two flaps with velcro closures to the narrower pockets.

Side A — showing zipper pocket, key clip, and magnetic clasp:

Modified pockets on Nappy Bag, by Becky Laswell.

Side B: showing patch pockets:

Side B: showing flap for smaller pockets, and one of the elasticized bottle holders:

Here’s all the stuff I put into the bag for my test. I’m sure this isn’t even half of what I’ll eventually have to carry. (Notice the two cute yellow & orange outfits!)

In this photo, you can also see the coordinating changing surface I made. The pattern called for this to have two layers of batting between a layer of cotton & one of terry cloth. I omitted the batting (our babies will have plenty of quilts!). But, I figure this will still be useful to cover up questionable surfaces. I didn’t bother making the case for the changing pad.

Nappy bag & contents, by Becky Laswell.

And, finally, me (at 14 weeks) holding my new bag. 🙂


*My version of the pattern may be an older version than the version currently listed for sale. The cover photo & the fabric requirements are slightly different.


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    September 13, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    You are so clever!

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