1000 books: Mid January Update

Mid-January update towards our goal of reading 1000 different books to our 4 year olds by the time they start kindergarten in August.


  • Books read: 63 (as I write this. It’ll change in an hour.)
  • Books left: 937
  • Number of books I counted in Ninja’s room: Around 120.
  • Number of books I counted in Turbo’s room: Around 150.
  • Number of books in the attic, closets, living room, etc: Not counted!
  • Number of books currently checked out from the library: 44!
  • Library fines paid so far: Still $0!

Favorites so far:

Non-Fiction: Moonshot

Classics: Madeline

Easy-Readers: A Pig, A Fox, and a Box

Fiction: Mighty Mighty Construction Site

What’s Next?

  • We grabbed the DVD versions (read by the author in most cases) of a few books we’ve read recently. This has been interesting to extend our reading.
  • We have a friend visiting from Japan soon, so I brought home a couple of books that should have words in Japanese for her to read to us.