On Our Shelves: Late February 2017

I try to refresh our shelves every few weeks — otherwise the kids and I get bored. Even small adjustments can bring renewed interest to an activity they had become bored with. (Often, I find that boredom means an activity is too easy.) Valentine’s Day is over, but my girls still want to talk about it — so we’re doing a few more Valentine’s related activities to finish out February.

Clockwise from upper left “God” sight reader, Germination Booklet, Valentine Tracing, Heart Puzzle, Balloon Blowing, Conversation Heart Graph, Heart Water Transfer, Grow Capsules and Art Box (center)


Added a sight word reader called “God Gave Us the Earth.” We’ll not use it so much for sight reading, but for identifying and correctly gluing the letters G-O-D where indicated.

Added a line-tracing activity with “V” for Valentine’s Day — in a dry-erase pocket with a dry-erase marker.

Practical Life

Added water-transfer into a heart-shaped ice cube tray. We used the same ice cube tray for a baking-soda and vinegar science experiment, too. (We’ve done that before.)

Balloon blowing. This was inspired by the girls’ recent birthday. I intend to add a mirror.

Grow capsules are always popular. We get a pitcher of hot water and use kitchen tools to stir the capsules as they dissolve.

Wooden Heart Puzzle. Grabbed this the day after Thanksgiving for 70% off at Target. It’s honestly a little too easy, but we’ll see how it goes. Paired with a sign saying “God is Love.”


Sorting conversation hearts by color, then graphing to find out how many of each were in the box.


Booklet about how a seed germinates, to go along with our gardening activities.

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